Since its establishment in 2019, Jian Chemtech Co., Ltd. has been working with world-class chemical materials companies such as LG Chem, INGEVITY, SOLVAY, Unipetrol, and OCI. And ESD Chemical We have provided the best service to our customers.

We specialize in high-performance products for plastic compounds and master batches according to global market needs, and sell them to leading domestic and overseas companies.

In order to respond to the rapidly changing environment and market trends, we set continuous market development, pursuit of the best quality and effort to cultivate its excellent human resources as the basic goal of corporate management, and are pursuing a speedy and dynamic organization for decision.

We will focus all our capabilities to grow into a company that can impress customers beyond customer satisfaction. We ask for your continued interest and love for our company in the future.

CEO  Sun Kwan, Sim